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Motherhood changes us. 

You. Free to be 

Strong & Healed Postpartum with Rehab Programs that Really Work.

The Butterfly Method strives to empower moms that healing is possible and attainable in each stage of motherhood.

A program where there’s someone who really cares about you on the other end.
So you can become the best version of yourself – without having to do it all alone. 

Because you’re already changing – let’s do it on purpose! 

Your healing – your strength during motherhood – should be achievable and lasting!

The Butterfly Method:

The BM

As moms, we want to FEEL GOOD, STRONG, CONFIDENT, and WORTH IT so nothing – not back pain, not a pooch, not embarrassment, NOTHING – holds us back.

But our responsibilities are growing, the pace of life is changing, 
and there’s no more space for the limitations we feel postpartum.

Imagine… postpartum fitness that celebrates moms who are anchored in values AND inspires the freedom to be more carefree.


A prescription for what’s perfectly right for your postpartum body (even if you’ve tried it all before!).


Knowing why, how, and when – structure – to deeply heal your belly and pelvic floor.


Check-ins, challenges and transcending limitations, to become strong with the freedom to BE.  

“I began training with Sarah after giving birth to my third child. Our time together was the best thing I could have done for both my physical and mental health as a postpartum mom. She gave me the boost I needed to get back on my feet.”


– Jenni R.

Unsure of the right path and desperate to see results?


Here’s what we do:

1. We start out REAL, we heal REAL

Do you have Diastasis Recti? Are you juggling family, community, work? How are you doing?

Because we get results from talking about what’s really going on in your body! See what your body needs so you can learn how all the pieces of your busy life can work together – and deliver you the strength in motherhood you know you’re capable of.

2. We embrace a true, COMPASSIONATE experience

Expertise, structure, check-ins, boundaries, results!  

Something is about to change for you. How the experience is structured and how you’re cared for as you go through it matters.


Because you need the deep support – an encouraging voice in your head – that will help you create:

  • boundaries that bring you joy

  • deep healing and results

  • the strength to be more carefree.

3. We empower ASPIRATION

This is where what you hoped you could achieve (that DR, back pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction you’re desperate to fix) gets surpassed by your next-level goals. As you heal your core, we break down your limitations and you become freer to be YOU. 

Because this work (strength workouts, cardio workouts, pilates!) actually becomes FUN – and your goals can get loftier. Then you can choose whichever path forward (classes, running, adventures?) you aspire to. 

Strength is the key to feeling more like YOU. 

“I hear her in the back of my head when I’m feeling tired telling me to just do a little bit of a workout and it motivates me. She reminds me of the strength I’m capable of"

- Adina W.

The thing that feels like your

biggest weakness right now? 


It’s really a gift.

Because it’s driving you to the very best thing you can be – 

Your Next Greatest Self. 

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“Sarah helped me heal my DR after I gave birth to my fifth baby. She was so patient with me, taught me some simple exercises each week, and would even check in to see how everything was going! After a few short months, my DR was healed!”

- B.G.
Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Here is your Invite to Join Us:

The Butterfly Method Free to BE Membership


Our membership opens the first week of every month to welcome new moms into the rehab program. This is done to be able to offer the most exclusive experience to members!

Your new membership includes:

  • A personal 1-1 assessment with Sarah

  • A prescription for the rehab program your body needs*

  • A structured pathway to access what you need to get healed and strong

  • Cardio, strength, and PILATES 10-20 minute workouts to compliment rehab

  • Results, progress, and inspirational check-ins with Sarah every week

  • Unlimited messaging for unconditional community support and a personal healing experience

*DR Rehab may be recommended in addition to your membership program

If you’d like support to finally heal – don't wait – come and join us. 

Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova
She meets you at your personal starting place, makes a plan, and checks in with you every step of the way. Her accountability approach is the true key to DR improvement.”

- Malka A.

Now’s not the time to train with the next-best, you want to feel change right from the start.

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Personal Trainer

Certified Mat Pilates Instructor

Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist

Running Coach

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AFAA logo white_edited.png

The Butterfly Method uses corrective exercise as the best way to heal your body postpartum because it reduces muscular imbalances and retrains your body to move and build strength in proper alignment (which is a fancy way of saying it does the things that make you feel and look so good!). 

That means, corrective exercise can eliminate core dysfunction and pelvic floor pain, and create the physical and mental strength you need to free yourself of the limitations your difficult recovery is causing – which most moms think is a pretty life-changing result.

“Since highschool, fitness has been the thing I can physically do to give me the strength – honestly – to live as my truest self. 

But, I have to tell you…

It wasn’t until I decided I would run a marathon. And train for it. And cry through the hard parts. AND bring you all on the journey with me… that I knew how much the raw experience of getting better, getting stronger, and struggling through being Human together can do for people.


The tears, the ups and downs. That’s when you all started to reach out. To follow me. To relate to me. 

Being a mom isn’t a marathon, because there is no end.


But the power you feel from getting strong enough to DO something, to get THROUGH something, it’s the same. It’s the resiliency and positivity that carries you through an aspired life. 

And that’s how I get to help YOU become the inspiration – and that’s the greatest gift you can give to your family.”

- Sarah Isaacs, Founder of The Butterfly Method, Mom, marathon runner, unapologetic cheerleader

“Not only has she helped me make the gap that I've had in my stomach for 8 years much smaller and completely close the gap below my belly button, she has taught me how to be more mindful of my core in my daily life. I can feel myself becoming stronger every day.”

- Adina G.
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Nothing should keep you where you are at, so here are the Five Fast FAQs:

The Butterfly Method: Simplified


Month-to-month memberships can be canceled at any time. All one-time payments are non-refundable. 



No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in, there’s a program for you! Healing your pelvic floor and strengthening your core is necessary throughout your whole journey.



You’ll need a few lightweight weights, a set of booty bands, and a pilates ball. Your daily commitment is only 5-30 minutes!


Diastasis Recti:

Every mama’s journey is different, which is at the core of this program. Success comes with consistency, accountability and a helping hand to guide you along the way. There is no timetable, I’m here every step of the way.



Once you sign up, you’ll book a consultation at your convenience! That’s when the metamorphosis begins! You’ll get workout videos directly to your phone, consistent check-ins from me and an invitation to a community chat for support!


White Waves

Rehab that works.

So you can move on to your next greatest you.

With all the freedom to be… whatever you like. 

Strength. Healing. Extreme Joy.

Here's a free workout you can do anywhere for all levels, pregnancy safe, and Diastasis Recti Safe.

Thanks for subscribing!

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